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Necessary, relevant, lifesaving information at your fingertips to help protect your family.


LifeTags is web-based, which makes it ideal in any environment or situation, be it the workplace, at sporting events or for the safety of children and the elderly.

Accessibility is easy from any internet connected computer, smartphone or tablet by entering the member’s name and personalized code for all the relevant information to be displayed.

This gives medical personnel instant access to all relevant patient information, which enables them to make decisions that will allow the best chance of survival for the patient.

LifeTags members and their families have the peace of mind knowing that, in the event of an accident or emergency, their loved ones can be contacted, their personal medical conditions will be available to emergency medical personnel and their specific needs will be catered to properly, all of this allowing them to provide the patient with the correct and appropriate care.

What makes us different?

LifeTagsWeb-Based = Instant Access

LifeTagsGet The Right Treatment When It Is Most Critical

LifeTagsYour pets are important to us

LifeTagsAll our products are easily identifiable

LifeTagsYou update your own profile, online

LifeTagsVery Affordable

Why should I join?

LifeTagsDo you have any condition, allergy or are you on any medication that you would want known to medical personnel in case of an emergency?

LifeTagsWould you want the fact that you have medical aid, to be known, so that you will be taken to the best possible facility?

LifeTagsWould you like your family or friends to be notified of your emergency situation?

LifeTagsWhen alone, dazed, confused or unconscious, then what?

LifeTagsWhen with family or friends, do they know all they need to know about you, medically?

LifeTagsWould you like LifeTags to take care of all the above mentioned situations?

Whether you are sporting, learning or working, we’ve got you covered!