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The Cost

Adults: LifeTags membership is subscription based at R 25.00 per month.
Kids: Under the age of 18 membership is FREE while signed on under an active adult membership.

Buy the PET ID Tag for R 95.00, this is a once off registration with no monthly subscription fees.

If you are interested in registering your company, please contact us for available packages.

Register with LifeTags, pay the initial registration fee and become a LifeTags member.
Complete the First Responders Application and we will waive your subscription fees as long as you are part of the lifesaving community.
Those with more than 10 years of service will be made Lifetime LifeTags members.
We make this offer available to Emergency Medical Personnel, Fire & Rescue Personnel and Sea Rescue Crew Members, to in a small way say "Thank You".

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The Process

Click on any Register Now button to get started.

Step 1: Choose a package

LifeTagsStandard Membership @ R 25.00 - Monthly membership with an ID Card absolutely FREE with your first order of any LifeTags Item/s

LifeTagsIntroductory Package @ R 350.00 - Monthly membership, set of LifeTags, Silicone Wristband, Key Chain, ID Card and 5 Reflective Vehicle Stickers at a DISCOUNTED RATE

Step 2: Enter your details

LifeTagsAnswer a few basic questions to get your profile set-up

Step 3: Add Additional Members/Pets

LifeTagsAdd Additional Members - Standard rates and procedures apply

LifeTagsAdd Additional Pets - Once off payment, with no recurring fees

Step 4: Add Additional Products

LifeTagsAdd Products for Yourself, Additional Members and/or Pets, thereby getting exactly what YOU want

Step 5: Confirm Order

LifeTagsYour order will be confirmed

Step 6: Payment Portal

LifeTagsThe PayFast payment portal will facilitate your payment

Step 7: Thank You

LifeTagsUse the supplied link/s on the webpage to complete the Member or Pet Registration/s (see samples below), or follow the instructions sent to your email address

LifeTagsWithout a completed Member or Pet Registration, personalised items can't be manufactured

Step 8: Welcome

LifeTagsYou can now complete your Full Profile (see sample below) or do this at a later stage, by entering via the Members Login


LifeTags tags

ID Card

LifeTags ID Card

Key Chain

LifeTags Keyring

Silicone Wristband

LifeTags Wristband