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All The Information You Could Need In Any Emergency

All The Information You Could Need In Any Emergency
  • Medical Information (Public)

Here you have the standard allergies, medical conditions and medication.

  • Medical Aid Information (Public)

This is the information regarding your medical aid cover, so that the first  responders can know to take you to the correct facility.

  • Emergency Contacts (Public)

Who should be contacted in an emergency? Your spouse, parents or a friend. Scrolling through someone's phone to see who they called last, or if there is a number for Dad is not necessary if they know who to call.

  • Medical Contacts (Public)

Having the correct number of your physician, specialist or previous surgeon could make the difference.

  • Donor Information (Public)

This could make the difference in saving someone else's life if this information is available, and decisions need to be made.

  • Living Will Information (Public)

If the time comes when you can no longer take part in decisions for your own future, this declaration stand as your directive, and doctors will know where to find this information.

  • Additional Emergency Cover Information (Public)

If you are a member of a roadside assistance company, or have aeromedical cover this will be the spot to make a note of it.

  • Pet Information (Public)

In an emergency people often forget about their 4 legged friends, now you can make sure that they will have someone to look after them while you are not able to.

  • Insurance Information (Private)

Handy if you have to swop out information after a motor vehicle accident or if something goes wrong at home while you are on holiday.

  • Bank Card Cancellation Details (Private)

If your card is lost or stolen it can cause the type of panic that makes you forget where you placed your card cancellation numbers. Having these numbers gives you the opportunity to cancel the cards before they get used by someone else.

  • Additional Contact Details (Private)

With all your contacts being saved on your cellphone, what happens when it gets lost or stolen? Then you have this list for numbers of more of your friends that could help you, or even people that could help you in a non-medical emergency like the plumber, electrician, locksmith, etc.

  • Additional Emergency Information (Private)

This could be used for any additional information you would like to save. Like the Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade's contact details.

  • Identification Documents (Private)

Here you can upload copies of your ID, Drivers License and Passport. If you are in a different country and your personal documents get stolen, you will have a copy in the cloud!