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The LifeTags Difference

The LifeTags Difference

A read-only medical bracelet is great and saves lives, but what we ADD to it, is So Much More! 

• Web-Based = Instant Access

With profile pictures to make sure it is you, EMP's can feel confident that they are helping the right person

• You update your own profile, online

Anytime something changes in your life, you can go amend your profile yourself.

• No stigma attached to wearing LifeTags

You don't have to have an illness to wear one. Even if it is just for using all the other benefits, you will always be covered.

• All our products are easily identifiable

We have covered the basic styles, but kept a uniform look as to not confuse the first responders with looking like just any other bracelet or wristband.

• Very Affordable

At R250 per year for members, and R95 once off for pets, you can't afford not to be a LifeTags member.

• Your pets are important to us

Curiosity will not be killing the cat (or dog)! Your pet has its own LifeTags profile, with all its relevant information.

• Extensive Advertising Campaign

We will keep emergency medical personnel, members and the public up to date with our products and services.

LifeTags members and their families have the peace of mind knowing that, in the event of an accident or emergency, their loved ones can be contacted, their personal medical conditions will be available to emergency medical personnel and their specific needs will be catered to properly, all of this allowing them to provide the patient with the correct and appropriate care.