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I don't have a medical condition. Why would I need LifeTags?

I don't have a medical condition. Why would I need LifeTags?

That was my first thought too. I don't have any medical conditions, take chronic medication or have any allergies. So why would I need LifeTags?

But... Life can change in an instant. An emergency, medical or otherwise, does not consult you for a convenient time. And having personal & medical information handy at all times can dramatically change your outcome if the unforeseen happens. Just think about it, what do you really know about your friends, co-workers, neighbours or even family's medical conditions, medications and allergies or who should be contacted in case of an emergency, or do they have medical aid? That is not something that gets discussed in everyday conversations.

We live in a country that has warm, sunny days which allows us to do a lot of outdoor sport, and what is nicer than getting on your bicycle or putting on your running shoes early morning or late afternoon? But when we do that, what form of identification do we have with us? Most of the time, none! Just adding a small Shoe ID to your running shoes, or putting on your LifeTags wristband, could make a difference if something should happen.

In 2017 so many natural disasters happened in South Africa. Storms, floods, wild fires and even a tornado. In the event of a natural disaster, a car accident, or any situation where you may find yourself separated from your loved ones - regardless of whether you have a medical condition, LifeTags can assist Search & Rescue personnel with identifying you, medical personnel taking the correct course of action, and your loved ones being contacted. With all of this in mind, consider LifeTags for small children, pets and the elderly, anyone who may be unable to identify themselves in a crisis.

Just thinking of my dad that lives alone, and travels to and fro between the closest town to him, really made me think of what will happen in an emergency. We are quick to think that the first responders can just look on his cellphone to see the last person he contacted, or on his Favourites list, but most of the time the cellphone is either broken or stolen, depending on the situation. Who do they notify then? Which hospital does he get taken to? And how would I know that my dad is in trouble...

Let me not even get into my pets! Who knows about your pets at home? Who will take care of them if you are unable to look after them for some time? In the Pet Section you can make a note of Who, What and How many you have, and who should be contacted to look after them.

There are so many scenarios that we can discuss, but it all comes back to the question :

How can you leave home without it?